These ideas and recipes will help highlight some of the best uses for store-bought and frozen dough, as well as how to properly defrost and handle it.

When it comes to making homemade bread, pizza, cookies and appetizers, one of the best hacks I’ve learned is to use pre-made dough. It’s easy to store in my freezer and is often already measured, sized and ready to use. I can customize it with my favorite spices and it makes pizza night with the kids all the more fun!

While I still love making homemade doughs when I can, using a premade store-bought or frozen dough is a great solution for weeknight meals, quick and easy appetizers and desserts, or for those moments when I don’t have time to run out to the store for ingredients. It may not be as tasty as the real deal but, in a pinch, it works just as well!

The Pros and Cons of Using Pre-Made Dough

Perhaps the biggest pro of store-bought dough is that it’s super convenient. Many doughs, particularly puff pastry, can be kept in the freezer for several weeks, so there’s no need to start from scratch when you need to bake a quick appetizer or dessert.

Many frozen pie crusts are also pre-rolled and sized to fit a 9 in. pie pan (some even come in a pan), so baking dessert is as easy as dropping in your favorite fruit filling and popping it in the oven. Frozen pie crusts are also much sturdier than their homemade counterpart, making them a great option for making cut-outs and designs on your top crust.

Store-bought dough is also versatile and is great for experimenting with flavors and recipes. I love using premade pizza dough to make cinnamon rolls, and frozen croissant dough can be made savory (with garlic and butter) or sweet (with sugar and cinnamon).

While frozen dough is convenient and easy to use, there’s no denying that it may not taste as good as the homemade version. Homemade dough often has more nutrients and an overall better flavor, but with a little seasoning and some TLC, you can fool anyone by using a store-bought dough!

How to Defrost Dough

Many doughs include defrosting instructions on the package, so we recommend following those guidelines when possible. If your dough does not come with instructions, or you’re defrosting a homemade dough, place it in the refrigerator to thaw gradually. This could take anywhere from a couple hours to overnight, depending on the dough.

Some doughs, including pie crust and puff pastry, need to be fully defrosted before use. If you try to roll or work either of these doughs before they’re fully defrosted, they can tear or break, which may affect the outcome of your recipe.

It’s also important to note that, once defrosted, dough does not re-freeze well in its raw state. You’re much better off using it all at once, then freezing any baked goods you’re not ready to eat.

Premade Dough Recipes

Check out these recipes for using frozen pie crust, premade pizza dough, refrigerated cookie dough and more!

1. Quick and Easy Garlic Knots

Use store-bought pizza crust to make a batch of these delicious garlic knots. Simple and easy to make, these knots are a great accompaniment to any meal.

2. Caprese Quiche

Topped with mozzarella cheese, cherry tomatoes and fresh basil, this caprese quiche makes a hearty breakfast or a light and refreshing dinner.

3. Mini Ham and Cheese Quiches

The great thing about these mini quiches is that you can customize them with whatever flavor combinations you like.

4. Deluxe Pepperoni Pizza

The great thing about this deluxe pizza is that you can customize it with whatever flavor combinations you like. Use store-bought pizza crust to make this delicious pizza for movie night or a just a quick weekday meal. Make it once, and your family will ask for this deluxe pizza again and again.

5. Chocolate Butterscotch Pecan Pies

I only have eyes for these pies! These mini bite-sized pies start off with a store-bought pie crust, then the filling is made using a chocolate pudding mix for a cool and refreshing dessert everyone will love.

6. Blooming Cherry Pie

No need to fuss with lattice work, you can use mini fondant cut-outs (or cut out shapes with a small cookie cutter or knife) to easily decorate your pie crust for an impressive finish!

7. Easy Puff Pastry Fruit Pockets

Use store-bought puff pastry and jarred cherry preserves to make these tasty cherry fruit pockets.

8. Easy Chicken Pot Pie

Treat the family to a comforting meal with this chicken pot pie recipe. This is also great for using up any leftover chicken from the night before.

9. Mini Fruit Tarts

Turn refrigerated sugar cookie dough into little fruit cups with this mini fruit tart recipe. Fill your cookie bowls with a tasty cream cheese filling, then top with your favorite fruits and berries.

10. Breakfast Hand Pies

The buttery, flakey texture of these breakfast hand pies comes from one secret ingredient: store-bought crescent roll dough! Fill these tasty delights with your favorite meats and vegetables for a great start to any day of the week.

Finally, if you’re looking for a few ways to use up pie dough, check out this post on Pastry Dough Snacks!

 What are some of your favorite ways to use store-bought dough? Let me know in the comments below!​

garlic knots

10 Ways to Use Store Bought and Frozen Dough

These ideas and recipes will help highlight some of the best uses for store-bought and frozen dough, as well as how to properly defrost and handle it.
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