7 Scary Halloween Desserts

September 27th, 2019 by Desiree Smith

On the hunt for spooky and scary treats to complete your Halloween party? Here are some terrifying treats that are sure to spice up any dessert table and impress your guests. Featuring recipes ranging from bloody cupcakes to scar shot glasses, people of all ages are going to love these spooky treats. Looking for something a little less scary? Check out our cute and easy Halloween treats, cakes and cookies!

1. Brain Cupcakes

Scary but sweet, these tasty brain cupcakes will have your guests coming back for more! Find the recipe here.

2. Shrunken Head Baked Apples

These frightfully yummy treats look like they came straight from Frankenstein’s lab and resemble shrunken heads with brains oozing out. Find the recipe here.

3. Monster Scar Shot Glasses

These gruesomely fun candy shot glasses are just the thing to make your Halloween party a monstrous success. Plus, they are easy to make using the Shot Glass Mold! Find the recipe here.

4. Bloody Toe Cake Pops

These bloody treats are sure to inspire a few scares and screams, no matter how delicious. With these creepy Toe Cake Pops, you will definitely have the spookiest sweets table this Halloween. Find the recipe here.

5. Creepy Skull Cake

This evil-looking skull is the perfect creepy Halloween treat. Make this cake easily with the Skull Shaped Cake Pan. Find the recipe here.

6. Faultline Halloween Cake

This frightening Faultline cake is ultra spooky with candy eyeballs watching your every move! Find the recipe here.

7. Ooey Gooey Zombie Intestine and Brain Cupcakes

These creepy brain and intestine cupcakes are sure to give your guests the heebie jeebies! Find the recipe here.

Check out this video of other great Halloween treats!

Did these desserts give you a scare? Let us know which one haunts you the most and be sure to tag us on Instagram @wiltoncakes so we can see your creepy concoctions!

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