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Left-Handed Cake Decorating Tutorial

If you’re a left-handed baking aficionado and you’re wondering how you can decorate your cakes with ease, check out our left-handed tutorial and product meant specifically for you!

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The Amazing 1M Decorating Tip

For you cake decorating lovers out there, have we got a tool for you! Wilton’s 1M tip is a versatile superstar when it comes to creating patterns and designs on your sweet treats.

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What is Shortening?

If we had a nickel for every time someone asked us this question! If you’ve ever baked a pie from scratch or made our buttercream frosting for the first time, you might have found yourself wondering the same thing or what you can use as a substitute. We asked our test kitchen to give us the 411 on this mysterious ingredient.

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Royal Icing Cookies 101

Learn how to make delicious royal icing cookies with this handy guide. We’ll show you basic, flooding, marbling and more using Wilton’s easy techniques.

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4 Easy Tips for Baking with Alcohol

Liquors, beers, wine and other kinds of alcohol bring a breadth of new flavors to baking, and it makes for a great conversation piece at parties. Here are some tips and tricks to baking with vodka.

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